Next to water, tea is the most popular drink in Singapore and around the world. There are few things better than a hot cup of tea for lifting the spirit and chasing away troubles. Not only is tea good for the soul, but it is also good for the body.

Scientific studies have linked tea to a number of different health benefits. Black, green, oolong and white teas are bountiful in antioxidants. Chamomile and peppermint teas have antimicrobial properties. These healthy benefits fight disease and promote well-being.

Healthy Types of Tea 

Black tea is the most common tea variety. Because it keeps its flavor for years, it has long been a popular trade product. Black tea is linked to heart health and low cholesterol levels.



Green tea is more delicate than the black variety. Chock full of powerful antioxidants called catechins, green tea helps fight heart disease and cancer. It may also aid in weight loss efforts (Diet Tips: How Green Tea Aids Weight Loss).


Oolong tea has a richer taste than black tea. Like green tea, it may help weight loss. In fact, oolong tea may give dieters and weight-watchers more of an edge than water.


White tea is milder than the other tea varieties. Like black and green varieties, it promotes cardiovascular health. It also has cancer-fighting benefits.


Flavored teas pair aromatic fragrances with black, green and white teas. Herbal teas are actually dried herbs, fruits and flowers. The antioxidant properties of these specialty teas are their most important health benefit.

The Art of Tea 

Teaism is the art of tea. Okakura Tenshin, a Japanese scholar who wrote “The Book of Tea,” coined the term in the early twentieth century. Teaism is associated with discipline, harmony, balance and enlightenment.

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The TEAISM Brand 

TEAISM teas are packaged in convenient, disposable sachets that are shaped like a pencil. Each packet contains tea leaves that are equal in quality to the best loose-leaf teas in Singapore. The nutritional value is printed on each sachet.

TEAISM is notable for three things: health, functionality and convenience. Their teas provide symptom relief for nausea, dizziness, digestion problems, flatulence, muscle aches, arthritis and other chronic conditions. The tea flavors represent comfort, restoration, protection, balance and energy.

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