If you’re serious about your online business, colocation is a hosting option you should definitely consider (read more about Why Would You Need Server Co-Locations From Your Web Hosting Provider?  ). In a nutshell, it allows you to place your own server in a data center owned by a third-party company. You are fully responsible for your own equipment and retain ownership of it. The hosting company provides you with a rack, Internet connection and power for your server. Once you get your server running, you can connect to it remotely, just like you would to a rented dedicated server. The only difference is that the server remains yours.

There are several advantages to using a colocation provider. The cost savings over running a server in your own facilities can be significant. Business-class fiber Internet can easily cost $300 per month or more. But it costs a lot less to place a single server inside a colocation facility. Data centers used by colocation providers have enterprise-class and sometimes carrier-class Internet connections, which means that they would be much faster than anything available to a small business.

If you use a company that provides server colocation in Malaysia, you will notice that many providers will have several redundant connections to the public Internet from different carriers. The simple reason behind this is that even if one link would fail, your server will keep functioning. Power outage protection is also much better at colocation facilities. While you may have an uninterruptible power supply with battery backup at your facility, this will only help you in case of a power outage that lasts a couple of minutes. Colocation providers usually have backup generators that can be fired up if there is a longer power outage, such as one caused by a severe storm.

Colocation facilities take physical security seriously, which is a distinct advantage if your servers are used to store sensitive data. Data centers have 24/7 surveillance by armed guards, biometric access control, as well as advanced fire detection and suppression equipment to keep your server and the data stored on it safe at all times.

Furthermore, if you use a provider like thegigabit.com server colocation for your hosting needs, they may also provide other services besides colocation, such as shared hosting if you want to run a few smaller sites that you want to keep completely separate from your main business site that resides on your own server.