Are you the creative type who’s thinking of pursuing or switching to a design career? If you’re looking for designer jobs in Malaysia, there are several that are trending and in demand at the moment and are worth pursuing. If you’re switching careers, it might cost you time and money to go back to school to get a degree. If you don’t have the time nor the money to spend, find an alternative like attending part-time courses on the weekends to earn a professional certificate, and work your way up. Check out these five high-paying creative jobs with different types of designers:

  1. UX Designer UX is short for user experience. As a UX designer, your job is to enhance the experience of your users when they interact with your product, which could be an app or a website. You’ll constantly be improving on the pleasure, accessibility, and usability of the product via the feedback provided. This type of designer job is quite new, which makes it very in demand at the moment. To start a career as a UX designer, it’s best if you have good knowledge in design (especially product design) and know how to sketch. A UX designer in Malaysia could earn about RM60,000 annually.UX Designer is a very in demand design jobs in Malaysia
  2. UI Designer UI is short for user interface. As a UI designer, your job is to design the interfaces of software and machines for your users. Your end goal is to not only make the user interface appear aesthetically pleasing, you’ll also need to maximize the usability of the experience of your users. In a way, UI and UX go hand in hand. To become a UI designer, you’re required to have good knowledge in design, know how to sketch, and have a flair for design. A UI designer (for computer software) in Malaysia could earn about RM55,800 annually.
  3. Fashion Designer  A lot of those who pursues a career in fashion end up having their own fashion business, be it opening a boutique or having their own fashion line specializing in couture, ready-to-wear, or bridal wear. As a fashion designer, you have the potential to earn around RM5,000 to RM10,000 a month, or maybe even more depending on your garment production.close up photo
  4. Graphic Designer A graphic designer will always be in demand in any industry, not just in advertising. Your daily tasks include designing materials for ad campaigns and marketing material, such as brochures or posters. A graphic designer could earn about RM30,000 – RM40,000 annually.
  5. Interior Designer If you have a knack for home decorating, a career in interior design would fulfill you. Your tasks include choosing decorative pieces (such as materials, lighting and colors), and determining the requirements of interior spaces to make it beautiful, safe and functional for people to live in. An interior designer could earn about RM30,000 – RM40,000 annually.

Contrary to popular belief, a career in design can be just as lucrative as “traditional” careers, such as those in the medical, law, or engineering fields. Just like these disciplines, having a design career requires you to have skills for problem solving. You also need to have an attention to detail, be able to seek inspirations at every opportune moment, be innovative, and think outside the box. That said, there’s no limit to being creative, as long as you know how to execute your vision and design that will benefit everyone.