If you’re tired of looking exhausted all the time, renewing the skin around your eyes can help you appear fresher, younger and more energetic. Blood can build up in the vessels under the thin skin around your eyes, causing a bluish appearance. This is especially noticeable in the morning after you’ve been lying down all night. As you age, you lose some of the fat that lies beneath the skin and hides the bluish tint, and your dark circles may appear more prominent. The best eye creams for dark circles increase circulation, plump up the area and thicken the outer layer of skin.

Reborneye Rejuvenating and Repairing Eye Cream
Reborneye cream for dark circles contains Regu-Age, an active complex that has been found to reduce dark circles by 35 percent. Regu-Age improves circulation and reduces the breakdown of collagen. The Glypure in the cream helps balance out water retention, creating a smoother, more radiant surface. The fruit acids add thickness and elasticity to the skin. This eye cream also reduces puffiness and improves the appearance of crow’s feet.



Clarins Advanced Extra Firming Eye Contour Serum
Clarins eye cream for dark circles lifts the skin around the eyes, making you look more rested. It can be applied to clean skin at night or in the morning. Because it is absorbed quickly and leaves behind no greasy residue, this eye cream is ideal for use under makeup. The organic oat sugars in the product help tighten the skin. The Albizia extract, which is derived from caffeine and horse chestnuts, stimulates circulation. This Clarins eye cream for dark circles contains a complex that helps regenerate the delicate skin around the eye area.


bareMinerals Renew and Hydrate Eye Cream
The bareMinerals eye cream contains an exclusive ActiveSoil Complex that rejuvenates the skin by boosting cell turnover and fortifying it with antioxidants. It delivers moisture through an electrolyte infusion system that enhances the skin’s moisture-retention capabilities.

Clinique All About Eyes
This Clinique eye cream for dark circles has a calming effect on the eye area. It reduces inflammation and brightens the skin. The gel formulation provides a smooth base that holds makeup in place, and the cream is gentle enough to use even if you wear contact lenses. Use it morning and night to treat dark circles and puffiness.

Neutrogena Rapid Dark Circle Repair Eye Cream
This Neutrogena eye cream has been found to improve the appearance of dark circles within seven days. The Accelerated Brightening Complex equalizes the skin tone, and brightening minerals in the cream reflect light to illuminate the eye area.

Keeping your eye cream in the refrigerator can enhance its effectiveness. Applying the cool cream in the morning can instantly reduce puffiness. Make sure that you follow the instructions for each product to maximize its potential for reducing dark circles under your eyes.