When setting up a website and buying a domain name, many people do not take their time and buy the first available site. This may be a mistake. Domain names can be a very important part of the website. When starting the domain registration process, the first thing the buyer should look at is recognition. That is, if the site is about pants for tall people, ideally the name of the domain would contain those words. This is important as a site grows, and is thought to factor into search engine algorithms.

It should be remembered that most people instinctively remember .com, so if a website gets a lot of traffic this may be a serious consideration. But it is not always easy to find one available, or practical.

Any serious business would also buy domain names that are a variation of the original site. Possibly buying common typos, or other names the business may be referred to. In fact, if not done, domain squatters may buy similar domain names and try and profit off of others businesses.

Another thing to think of is the market, for example if a business is going to have a lot of customers in another country. A company with headquarters, or at least a lot of customers in Singapore may consider an .SG domain, that is, a Singapore domain name. This can help with recognition and trust and is probably a wise business decision. You may check available of a domain name at this site: http://www.exabytes.sg/.

When someone is going to buy a domain, they must not be intimidated. When registering, the buyer usually has multiple steps to turn around, or at least change any settings. It should be noted, if a business wants to protect their identity it can be done. This may be important if a new product or subsidiary is launched. It is usually very cheap to have private “whois” protection. That is, when someone looks up the site information, it will not show who actually owns it.

This is unprotected Whois Record


Taking the time to research the domain name, the market(s) and even the future direction of a company is a great step to take seriously. Doing it right will save money, time and the person from potential headaches. This Internet marketing article focus on Creating a Website for E-commerce Businesses.

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