One of the most hated chores is cleaning house. However, the tools to keep the home clean have changed so much over the years. According to the Jetsons, in less than 50 years, we will have robots taking care of our cleaning tasks for us. Looking at some of the cleaning products we have available now, it may be closer than we think.

Robotic Vacuums

These small devices came out several years ago but they have left a lot to be desired. Thankfully, technology has come a long way. Companies have started to produce vacuums such as the Neato robotic vacuum and the Dyson 360 Eye that offer better cleaning ability. You simply press start and let it run around your house cleaning the floor. The newer technology use triangulation to guarantee every square foot of your house is cleaned.


Autovacstore – NEATO XV Signature Pro Robot Vacuum Cleaner


Self-Cleaning Technology

In addition to robot vacuums, self-cleaning technology is being found all over the home. It started with ovens that had a cleaning setting, but it has gone far beyond that. You can now find self-cleaning kitty litter boxes and even self-cleaning glass. The glass has a special coating that is activated by UV light and this coating will break down the dirt for the rain to wash away. It takes a few days of sunshine to activate the coating, but it is easier than climbing a ladder and using a squeegee.

Steam Cleaners

Extremely hot water is the best way to disinfect surfaces. Shark and Bissell are two brands that lead the industry for steam cleaners. They offer cleaners that can spot clean surfaces or used to clean the entire floor. In addition to the surface cleaning, there are steam cleaners that will clean your clothes without having to run them through the washer. It is better for the environment and it will save a lot of time and energy as well.

The future of cleaning may end up with a robotic maid as the Jetsons had, but in the meantime, enjoy small time-saving devices. Let small robots take care of the vacuuming for you, while your glass cleans itself. You will no longer have to slave over the laundry with the use of steam cleaners that give off a blast of disinfecting hot water. If cleaning is your nemeses, then the future holds bright ideas and the technology is only just beginning.