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Simple Yet Effective Ways To Stop Cats From Scratching Your Wood Furniture

If the cat is clawing away at the wood furniture around the house, it can often be disheartening, stressful and annoying. However, before locking the cat up in a cage for the day, there are some strategies that are rather effective.

Why Cats Scratch ~ meow~

Keep in mind that cats don’t scratch for the fun of it. Most of the time, a cat will scratch because they see it as a form of exercise, a way to clean their nails or as a way to leave behind a scent. In fact, if a cat doesn’t scratch, it can often be a sign that they have underdeveloped muscles, which can lead to potential health problems in the future.┬áSince cats are always going to scratch, there are some things the average cat owner can do to remedy the situation.

Cat Scractch Furniture

Deter the Scratching ~ meow ~

Wood furniture is a magnet f...

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