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Ways to Improve Investor Confidence and Obtain Private Equity Investments

Ways to Improve Investor Confidence and Obtain Private Equity Investments – Part 1

Many businesses attempt to raise capital to finance their current operations, expand their business, or adjust their debt/capital ratios. In order to do so businesses need to tap either public or private equity markets. While public equity markets provide businesses with the ability to generate significant amounts of capital, there are many costs associated with doing so. Being listed on a public exchange requires registration with the SEC (S-1 filing), regular quarterly (10q) and annual (10k) filings, and significant legal, accounting, and administrative costs associated with doing so. Many businesses determine that it is not cost-effective to become publicly listed and instead choose to remain private.


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Using Online Printing for Business

When I saw the online printing company that was introduced to me by my friend Chee Yew Wen, I realized that I can ask for the company’s help in my wish to make an online store. Through online printing, I can acquire a banner that is not only beautiful to look at but can grab the attention of many internet users as well. Online printing services are great contributors when you don’t have time to create your own banner.

At first, I was hesitant if I should ask for assistance. Since the company is in another country, I have no idea how expensive it would be when the time comes that they’ll ask for payment. Thankfully, I chatted with one of their employees and the staff was very friendly...

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Venture Capital Investment

A venture capital investment is a way to provide large-scale funding for high-potential, growth companies. In this type of investment, a venture capitalist provides funding for a new business venture in exchange for equity in the company. The venture capitalist will get a return on his investment either by the sale of the company or by selling shares to the public. Venture capital is also made in a company that is already on its feet but need cash for expansion.

Both the investor and the business owner benefit from a venture capital investment. Venture capital investment is attractive for startup companies with limited operating history that are unable to raise operating funds in the public markets and cannot obtain a bank loan...

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Venture Capital Expert Tips and Advice

Successful businesses and corporate empires are founded on dreams. An individual with a promising idea, drive and the know-how to implement it can turn his/her dream into a million- or billion-dollar company. However, starting out as a novice entrepreneur with limited resources will be extremely challenging to overcome. In most cases, these people look for additional assistance to get their schemes and ideas off the ground. This is where venture capitalists enter the big picture. A venture capitalist is someone who offers financial support and seed money for firms who require funding to purchase start-up equipment and supplies or rent space for expansion.

How to Become a Successful Venture Capitalist

First, you must understand the duties and responsibilities of being a venture capitalist s...

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Business in Singapore

Setting up a business in Singapore is a two- step process. It is important to research the different categories of companies that are available and match the type of business that you are looking to get into. Furthermore, after you have done your research and picked a company, you will need to go through the company’s registration process. The company registration process will guide you through the process by showing you the benefits of setting up your business, and how to go about filing the application and other procedures that are required through this process.

On the other hand, company formation in Singapore can be challenging if you are not from the country. A person who is considered a foreigner will want to take on the help of service providers...

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