PropertyGuru has certainly outdone itself; this is evident in the record results which they recently announced. As Asia’s top property and real estate portal group, they manage to garner 4 million visitors viewing over 50 million pages through their various websites which roughly translates to a growth of 85% in traffic. In terms of revenue the group stated it grew 70% compared to the previous year while paying members grew to almost 30%.

It is not just only numbers that are growing but the presence of PropertyGuru is expanding at the same time. This is achieved through acquisitions of property sites throughout the South East Asian region such as Thailand’s DDProperty, Malaysia’s FullHouse and from Indonesia; these are all leading property sites in their respective countries.

PropertyGuru is also experiencing the same growth as it became the 14th most visited website and 2nd most visited domestic website in Singapore. Besides that, statistics provided by Hitwise asserts that the company’s and accounts for more pageviews than any other property website combined. No wonder they picked up the prestigious Hitwise award for “No.1 website in the property industry category”. Furthermore, the online mortgage, business’s revenue doubled with an estimated SGD$60 million home loan approved on a monthly basis.

In May 2011, Singapore’s was re-launched, however this time it was revamped in order to provide a much better search experience. With its presence in over 8 Asian countries, PropertyGuru is determined to provide the same quality service in other nations as well such Malaysia’s which was also overhauled to provide better functionality and features to the agents. While the traffic for Malaysia property portal reportedly grew over 300% in the last 6 months and is currently one of the largest website in the country.

The company’s efforts in brand-building, launched in the first quarter of this year has paid off handsomely, activities included front page advertisements in The Malay Mail, display ads on taxis in cities such as Kuala Lumpur and Penang, sponsorship of Bernama News TV and full wrap-around ads on buses in Kuala Lumpur. Prioritising innovation, HomeGuru launched the “first-of-its-kind” Malaysian quarterly sentiment survey back in April that resulted in wide press coverage. In other countries, such as Indonesia, PropertyGuru has a 65% lead over its nearest competitor while traffic has doubled for Thailand’s

PropertyGuru Group CEO, Steve Melhuish is optimistic about the company’s performance in months ahead. Seeing how all aspects of the company’s business are increasing at an exponential rate and some even surpassing expectations, it is no wonder that PropertyGuru is Asia’s leading property and real estate portal group. With heavy investments in innovation the “gurus” as well as clients can definitely expect new initiatives in the near future.