I first learnt about solid timber flooring from a friend. This friend said that when building a home or a building for a commercial purpose, there is nothing that compares to the beauty and luster of timber flooring. He added that if you want to change the flooring of your home, a solid timber floor is the best choice. It is unique and will add value to your home. No wonder his home has solid timber floors.

My friend told me all this when he threw a big party and opened his home to friends and relatives. During this party, every guest noticed the shiny and elegant solid timber flooring laid throughout every part of his home. The women loved how it made the house appear opulent whereas the men appreciated the hard work that went into laying down this sort of flooring.

Many guests asked him where he got his solid timber flooring. He said that he ordered it from a flooring company based in Malaysia. He further mentioned that it took more than a month for the slats to be shipped over. I didn’t dare imagine how much it must have cost him to have this type of floor installed. I visited this site and found out more pros and cons of hardwood flooring for the home.