A serviced office and a virtual office are different things, but both are alternatives to having to buy a building right off the bat. It is possible to run a business and interact with employees in a professional manner without having to own a building.


Many business people who come to Malaysia do not intent to stay long. They come to this busy port nation in order to see clients or else to take advantage of local tax laws. There is no point in buying a location when business conducted in this country might only last six months. Land is expensive in the city as well. An entrepreneur’s best alternative is THIS Virtual Office in Malaysia.


A serviced office is an office building where spaces are rented. This gives the professional or a team all the room it needs. A business can rent a single office or hundreds. Furnishings and high quality equipment such as large laser printers and faxes are provided by the landlord.


Renting office space is no less efficient than owning your own location. The light bill and land tax are not a concern. A serviced office includes custodial work and even a helpful front desk. It is often possible to rent an entire floor and make it a department. Customers will arrive and see an attractive building. They will rise to a floor and see their vendor behind a professional desk.


Office space for rent can solve many business problems, but it is possible to have it even faster and cheaper. Some companies collaborate on documents through computers. In this case, it is more important that they be connected to the same network than be in close proximity to each other. It is possible to communicate quite effectively through a team chat room or through headsets.


This is a virtual office. Software and an Internet connection is provided by a company, and people communicate in an digital work environment that might as well be a closed network. Customers of this service can expect to see what their employees are doing and their current productivity. Employees can instantly update the project with their results at any time.

Servcorp’s technology – Virtual Receptionist. Why choose Servcorp?

Since the business owners are the administrators, they can see what windows are open and whether or not their workers are on task. This type of oversight is superior to a physical office environment and is an inherent part of the system. Productivity will never be higher.

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