Search engine optimization is basically the way of making your site more visible in search engines. The whole point of search engine optimization is so more traffic is generated to ons website or web page. You see the higher the ranked on a search engine the more visitors they will receive. Search engine optimization is basically an internet marketing tool in which someone uses keywords to find the audience. To optimize a site you may have to edit its content and or its code. Big search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing (etc.) use crawlers to find there web results. This makes it so one does not have to summit there site as Google, Yahoo, or Bing’s crawlers should find it. But yahoo even offers a paid submission in which one would pay and have it guaranteed that there site will be crawled.

On google you can submit a site map feed that can be submitted to insure that all of your sites pages will be found. So what do crawlers look at when crawling a site? Basically everything, although they sometimes have trouble when trying to crawl thing such as flash files and graphic content. There is also such thing as search engine marketing. One strategy would be to design high quality web pages in order to persuade someone to do something. Although search engines are not paid for search traffic they do change there algorithms. This means that there is no guarantee that your site or webpage will continue to show in the search results. When search engines do change there algorithms which could seriously impact a sites web traffic.

Google also offers a service called ad words which is there most successful with revenue. Google adwords offers paid per click advertising in which you pay for traffic. Your site will be advertised using text, banners and media ad’s. Google offers local, national and international distribution. They also offer features like IP address exclusion. This is where you can exclude some ranges of IP addresses. You can also limit the number of times an ad appears to the same unique user. All adwords sites are eligible to shown on but they will also show your ad on other sites that are not search engines. These are the sites that use google ad sense. So basically you pay Google and Google pays the site in which you advertisement is shown on.There are also lots of other search engine optimization or SEO services out there. These are sites that will make your site more visible for you. Most of them will also clam to increase revenue as well as find all of the “perfect” keywords for your business or site. So unless you have access to a large audience personally you will probably find your self in need of some search engine optimization. You don’t need to be a genius to do so, like I said earlier there are plenty of services out there designed to help you and make SEO stress free and easy. So if you are looking to increase your traffic I strongly suggest you look into search engine optimization right away!