For college students, the SAT is globally recognized and is designed to reveal what a college students already knows. It sets the stage for determining how well students should be able to apply their knowledge in an academic environment. The SAT tests for reading, writing and math comprehension; subjects which are taught every day in high schools. Students are advised to take their SAT during their junior senior high school year so as to properly prepare for college. A majority of colleges and universities use the SAT as a guide in making admission decisions.

For students considering a more selective college or university, SAT Subject Tests can be taken as well in October, November or in the spring. School counselors are an excellent source for helping students determine which colleges require SAT Subject tests in addition to the SAT for admission.

Setting a Date for Testing
High school junior are encouraged to take the SAT at least once in the spring. Sophomores are advised to take the test during their junior year. Every time the SAT or SAT Subject Test is taken, it appears on a score report that will be sent to colleges.

Why Take the SAT Test?
The SAT is a first step students can take toward higher education. It is virtually accepted by all universities and colleges. The SAT tests what students already know and it is fair to everyone. However it is more than just a test. The SAT provides an opportunity for students to access nationwide scholarships and to learn where they stand academically. The SAT test also helps students find the right college fit.

Today’s world is more competitive than ever, and it can only become more so. Taking the SAT test can help prepare students to take their first steps toward a successful career and life. The SAT sets the stage for better things to come.