Regardless of where you plan on traveling, taxi drivers are often hard to deal with. They may ask for outrageous tips, attempt to negotiate higher fares or may even take longer to get to your destination. Tourists often don’t know what to do when these types of situations come up during a vacation.

Reporting Taxi Drivers

Regardless of how bad the incident was, you must always contact the taxi company. File a formal complaint with the driver’s employer and see if the situation can be resolved on the company level.

If nothing happens when you contact the taxi company, contact the Singapore Land Transportation Authority. The Land Transportation Authority will either advise you on how to handle the case personally, or may even take on the case themselves. The Land Transportation Authority imposes strict rules on all taxi companies and their drivers; filing a formal complaint with the Authority may be the best way to get the situation resolved.


Tired of High Taxi Rates? Hire a Maxicab

Taxi rates can be outrageous and difficult to negotiate, especially if you need transportation for an entire day or need a ride to the airport. The best way to work around this is to hire a reputable maxi cab company.

Maxi cabs can fit up to seven people, are available for affordable rates and are more comfortable than normal taxis. Because maxi cab rates are predetermined, you won’t have to worry about hassling for price, time or distance when meeting the driver. offers online booking convenience for tourists to travel anywhere with reasonable taxi rate offers online booking convenience for tourists to travel anywhere with reasonable taxi rate



Booking a Maxi Cab: Singapore’s Affordable Transportation Option

Public transportation can be a hassle in Singapore, especially if you have to deal with taxi fare negotiations. You can avoid these headaches by booking a maxi cab for your next all day activity or your ride to and from the airport.

A maxi cab can be booked by calling the company directly. They will let you know how much your trip will cost and what you should expect from the driver. Maxi cabs are much more reliable than taxis because they have a predetermined route that they will use when they pick you up for your all day adventure.

Using a maxi cab also means that you won’t have to spend time reporting taxi driver incidents to the Land Transportation Authority. The driver will provide a relaxing atmosphere that will help you enjoy your Singapore vacation.