Lower Crime Rate Cleans Up Singapore’s Image

Various news sources in Singapore reported today that crime within the island nation for the first quarter of 2011 have fallen by 4.7 per cent, compared to the same period in 2010. A marked decrease was seen in four out of the six crime categories with the most significant rise being recorded for Housebreaking and Related Crimes (reduced by 117 cases), Violent Property Crime (reduced by 78 cases), Theft and Related Crimes (reduced by 727 cases) and also Crimes Against Persons (reduced by 124 cases). A drop in numbers were also recorded by police in a few other related cases of illegal money lending, aggravation or harassment, crimes against senior citizens, shoplifting or robbery, as well as statutory rape.

However, despite the positive numbers, many people are still doubtful over their ...

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Sterling Performance from Singapore’s PropertyGuru

PropertyGuru has certainly outdone itself; this is evident in the record results which they recently announced. As Asia’s top property and real estate portal group, they manage to garner 4 million visitors viewing over 50 million pages through their various websites which roughly translates to a growth of 85% in traffic. In terms of revenue the group stated it grew 70% compared to the previous year while paying members grew to almost 30%.

It is not just only numbers that are growing but the presence of PropertyGuru is expanding at the same time. This is achieved through acquisitions of property sites throughout the South East Asian region such as Thailand’s DDProperty, Malaysia’s FullHouse and Rumah.com from Indonesia; these are all leading property sites in their respective countries.

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Need to Be Inspired?

The QI Group of Companies based in Hong Kong, is a big conglomerate with interests ranging from telecommunications to training and conference management. Founded just a little over a decade ago, the multinational today has subsidiaries in over 30 countries. Its flagship subsidiary, QuestNet, is a highly successful e-commerce based network marketing company with over 5 million members worldwide and presence in 160 countries.

However, this blog post won’t be about the company, but rather, the person behind it – Vijay Eswaran. It is an inspiring rags-to-riches story of how a restless entrepreneur found his Blue Ocean.

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How to Write a Winning IELTS Essay

Writing a great essay is like making a beautiful piece of art. Not only does an essay need to read clearly but also have depth and substance. This article introduces simple and effective methods that will transform your writing into a piece of art.

The purpose of the IELTS writing section is to examine your ability to put forward strong arguments. You are given a full sixty minute to complete two writing tasks. The first will either be writing a letter or reporting on a graph depending on whether you are taking the General or Academic IELTS. For Task one you need to write at least 150 words and Task two demands at least 250 words, therefore you should try and split your time, 20 minutes for Task one and 40 minutes for Task two.

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