LEARN FROM THE MASTER – What Robert Kiyosaki Can Teach You About Saving Money

richdad-facebook-ogHave you read about the master financial plan? In case you have not, the said plan was penned by Robert Kiyosaki, the well-renowned author of the best-selling book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” Mr. Kiyosaki was credited to have changed the mindset of millions around the world about personal finance. Financial and wealth managers who give sound financial advice in Malaysia must have taken some pointers from this man.

The theory of Robert Kiyosaki is not about amassing wealth and being rich. He set the worldwide trend of simply putting an order in your personal finances, which is the key to obtaining wealth. Wealth is relative, and therefore you shouldn’t compare yours with others’. Creating your private financial plan is the real objective...

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Top 6 Places To Join Zumba Classes Under RM200 In Malaysia


Zumba started gaining popularity among dance and fitness enthusiasts in Malaysia about a decade ago, and is still one of the most popular dances in the country that help you lose weight and keep fit, with moves that include mambo, merengue, salsa, and samba. Wondering where to start burning calories through this popular dance exercise? Check out the top six places where you can join Zumba classes under RM200 in Malaysia:1

  1. Jatomi Fitness Jatomi Fitness is a fitness chain originally from Europe. In Malaysia, there are a few Jatomi Fitness branches in Johor Bahru, Penang, Kuala Lumpur, and Selangor. The clubs run Zumba classes four times a week, from Tuesday to Friday. The monthly fees for Zumba classes range from RM150-RM200 based on the membership type.2
  2. Living Dance Academy At Living Dance...
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The Pros of Construction – 6 Reasons Why Construction Jobs Are Highly Sought After

There is no doubt that the construction industry is steadily improving and expanding at a consistent pace. With the great emphasis placed on infrastructure in our modern day and age, there won’t be a shortage in construction jobs any time soon. For this reason, lots of individuals are constantly on the hunt for construction jobs in Malaysia. Of course, while it’s generally a lucrative opportunity, there are still many who are skeptical regarding the benefits of working in this booming industry. If you’re still on the fence about taking on a construction job, these 6 reasons will tell you why you should definitely take on the chance.

  1. Opportunity for Travel – If you’re working with a world-renowned construction firm, it’s possible that you might be sent around the globe to help with d...
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5 Ultimate Tips to Finding the Best Venue for Your Traditional Chinese Wedding in Bangkok

Image result for 5 Ultimate Tips to Finding the Best Venue for Your Traditional Chinese Wedding in Bangkok

When it comes to nailing a great location for your traditional Chinese wedding, it’s all about staying smart and savvy. Cultural weddings have up their game in recent years, and Thailand is one of the sought-after destinations for this joyous union. If you’re planning to host your traditional Chinese wedding in the exotic capital city, here are some tips to finding the best venue.

Choose A Strategic Location for Convenience Securing a strategic venue is essential to ensure convenience for your traveling guests. It’s good to research on the availability of nearby hotels for your guest’s overnight stay and the venue’s accessibility for your caterers and transportation.

Be Prepared for Traffic Conditions Checking the traffic conditions around your venue should come in second...

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Top 5 High-Paying Creative Jobs: The Different Types Of Designer Jobs

Are you the creative type who’s thinking of pursuing or switching to a design career? If you’re looking for designer jobs in Malaysia, there are several that are trending and in demand at the moment and are worth pursuing. If you’re switching careers, it might cost you time and money to go back to school to get a degree. If you don’t have the time nor the money to spend, find an alternative like attending part-time courses on the weekends to earn a professional certificate, and work your way up. Check out these five high-paying creative jobs with different types of designers:

  1. UX Designer UX is short for user experience. As a UX designer, your job is to enhance the experience of your users when they interact with your product, which could be an app or a website...
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