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The marriage of athletes and sports sponsorship is a match made in sports marketing heaven. It has made millions of dollars for everyone involved. But an important part of this matchmaking is finding the right athlete to act as an ambassador for the brand. There are certain qualities sports marketing professionals look for in an athlete before they are considered the perfect band ambassador.… Read More

Betting on different sports has been a known activity in the United States since the time of its independence. At that time, people belonging to different colonial backgrounds would actively bet on sporting events such as horse racing and cockfighting. Sports betting had been a long running practice during sporting events in England. As a colonial power in the US, it was inevitable for England to make sports betting a popular practice in this part of the world.… Read More

The first step in familiarizing yourself with basic accounting principles is to know the basic terminologies being used in that subject matter. Once you have passed the process of company incorporation, this is naturally the next step for any business. It will be difficult for you to keep up when you can’t distinguish the difference between debit and credit or assets and liabilities.… Read More

Making the right first impression is key. As the saying goes, “you only have one chance to make a first impression, so you better do it right.” And one of the best ways to make sure to make the right impression when planning an event, is to make sure to have the right kind of transportation.… Read More

Various companies are located in Singapore, ranging from banking, insurance, and law firms to art companies. More than 7,000 multinational companies have incorporated in Singapore, according to Singapore Economic Development Board. Company registration is a very viable option for international entrepreneurs who want to venture in Singapore. The main reason for this is that Singapore is a pro-business country that subjects low business taxes and quick company formation.… Read More


Various news sources in Singapore reported today that crime within the island nation for the first quarter of 2011 have fallen by 4.7 per cent, compared to the same period in 2010. A marked decrease was seen in four out of the six crime categories with the most significant rise being recorded for Housebreaking and Related Crimes (reduced by 117 cases), Violent Property Crime (reduced by 78 cases), Theft and Related Crimes (reduced by 727 cases) and also Crimes Against Persons (reduced by 124 cases).… Read More

PropertyGuru has certainly outdone itself; this is evident in the record results which they recently announced. As Asia’s top property and real estate portal group, they manage to garner 4 million visitors viewing over 50 million pages through their various websites which roughly translates to a growth of 85% in traffic. In terms of revenue the group stated it grew 70% compared to the previous year while paying members grew to almost 30%.… Read More

The QI Group of Companies based in Hong Kong, is a big conglomerate with interests ranging from telecommunications to training and conference management. Founded just a little over a decade ago, the multinational today has subsidiaries in over 30 countries. Its flagship subsidiary, QuestNet, is a highly successful e-commerce based network marketing company with over 5 million members worldwide and presence in 160 countries.… Read More

Writing a great essay is like making a beautiful piece of art. Not only does an essay need to read clearly but also have depth and substance. This article introduces simple and effective methods that will transform your writing into a piece of art.

The purpose of the IELTS writing section is to examine your ability to put forward strong arguments.… Read More