Malaysia is an archipelago nation located in Southeast Asia. A former British colony, Malaysia is a vibrant multicultural nation welcoming the world to enjoy their fabulous beaches, crystal clear waters, sumptuous cuisine and exceptional cultural heritage.

First time visitors to Southeast Asia are often overwhelmed by the sights and the sounds around them. This leads to a look of bewilderment that can leave them easy prey to scam artists that plague tourist spots around the world. Overly cautious travelers often elect the safety of guided and escorted tours; however this type of tourism robs the tourist of the real cultural experiences which are the highlight of any international trip.

If you really want to experience the best that Malaysia has to offer, consider the benefits of a hosted homestay vacation. With an experienced local host to assist you, a new world of cultural experiences in Malaysia now become available to you which are not often enjoyed by those staying in tourist or business class hotels. The annoyance of the atypical tourist traps disappear and the true nature of the country and its people begin to reveal themselves to those who wisely choose this option.

If you’re wondering how to find a homestay in Malaysia that will meet your needs for comfort, security, levels of assistance, and budget; numerous websites are available online that will do just that. The best of these websites will provide photographs of the accommodations, tell you something about your host, and provide reviews from guests who have stayed there before.

Malaysia is a predominantly progressive Muslim nation, and while alcohol is readily available, it is frowned upon by large segments of the society. Having a glass of wine with dinner or a drink or two with your host when offered is perfectly acceptable but for wild drinking binges, other nations might prove more suitable.

Due to its geographic location, Malaysia offers all manner of water sports with world class diving being among the most popular activities for tourists and locals alike. The multicultural nature of the country is most evident in the cuisines available. Malaysian cuisine might best be described as an Asian fusion style with culinary influences from all parts of Asia being evident.

No matter what type of vacation you choose in Malaysia it is a nation which lives up to the popular tourism slogan, “Malaysia Truly Asia”.