A popular pizza franchise advertises that using better ingredients produces a superior product, and the slogan emphasizes the importance of ingredients to a recipe. Using the best products in a recipe is often the right way to go, but gourmet cooks look for specific qualities that make a dish turn out the way they prefer. For example, French cuisine has perfected the art of using a less expensive cut of meat in stews. Other cuts may cost more, but an experienced chef knows what is needed in a dish.

Gourmet chefs find that some of the poorer cuts of meat are the most flavorful, and cooking them over slow heat for hours enhances the flavor and removes the toughness. Making hard cider successfully requires an apple juice that has specific qualities, and RedMart Marigold Apple Juice contains them.

Preservatives in apple juice kill the yeast, inhibiting the fermentation process. With no added sugar and no preservatives, Marigold juice is ideal for making hard cider.


Choosing the Right Yeast

Along with selecting the right apple juice, hard cider makers need to choose the correct yeast as well. Some people prefer to use packets of liquid yeast, but a less expensive option is to use a dry wine yeast. With the basic ingredients and an assortment of equipment, anyone can start the process of making hard cider. Some of the required tools include these:

a five gallon plastic bucket with lid, spigot and airlock
 up to six feet of plastic tubing suitable for food
 plastic spoon
 glass containers for storing the cider

Hard Apple Cider – Easy Home Brewing!



Making a Test Run

Prior to mixing a batch of apple juice and yeast that may not work out, knowledgeable hard cider makers prepare a starter or a test run. Making a starter is an optional choice, but it is the best way to make sure that the yeast is active. Adding a packet of yeast to a few ounces of apple juice produces bubbles within six hours or less. The mixture starts working when it is sealed in a bottle and shaken, and the seal needs release when the proof of activity appears. It can go into the batch later.


Hard Apple Cider




Cooking the Brew

Slow heat for about 45 minutes is all that is needed to cook the brew, and the liquid must not reach the boiling point. High heat damages the clarity of the finished product and changes the consistency as well. All buckets, hoses and utensils need a rinse with a bleach solution to kill bacteria that can damage the hard cider. A period of cooling is required prior to adding the yeast or the starter that was a test case. A homebrew store can provide the precise instructions for completing a batch of hard cider that delights the taste of the most discriminating drinker.


Caremel Apple Cider


Starting with quality ingredients adds to the likelihood of success, even for a beginning cider maker. As an old tradition, home brewing hard cider is a treasure to enjoy and share.

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