Various news sources in Singapore reported today that crime within the island nation for the first quarter of 2011 have fallen by 4.7 per cent, compared to the same period in 2010. A marked decrease was seen in four out of the six crime categories with the most significant rise being recorded for Housebreaking and Related Crimes (reduced by 117 cases), Violent Property Crime (reduced by 78 cases), Theft and Related Crimes (reduced by 727 cases) and also Crimes Against Persons (reduced by 124 cases). A drop in numbers were also recorded by police in a few other related cases of illegal money lending, aggravation or harassment, crimes against senior citizens, shoplifting or robbery, as well as statutory rape.

However, despite the positive numbers, many people are still doubtful over their overall security as more sophisticated electronic scams begin to emerge in this otherwise peaceful and safe country. These scams, such as the kidnap phone scam and lottery phone scam, have swindled unsuspecting victims of about S$2.6 million spread over a series of 110 successful cases. This is a huge leap compared to the 91 cases recorded within the same period last year which funneled about S$1.9 million. This, and many more statistics, can be found on various Singapore news sites in the internet.

These statistics certainly points Singapore to the right direction as it aggressively markets itself as the destination for global business, education and health care, with a robust property market and high living standard.