Administrative work isn’t just for anyone. With such a long list of responsibilities and duties to fulfill, employers never settle for second best when hiring admin assistants. That’s why even when there are quite a number of admin jobs available at any given time, individuals trying to start or build a career in the industry often struggle to find their big break. Don’t lose hope, though – it’s very possible to become a successful administrative professional if you play your cards right. Find out how you can start and grow a blossoming career as an admin assistant with this helpful guide.

  1. Gain Experience – Admin assistant duties aren’t easy. They dabble in all the different departments of the company, and so end up with lots of different tasks and endless collections of documents and information that need to be carefully processed, analyzed, and stored. Any employer from a well-established company looking for an administrative assistant will want someone who has already had experience with these responsibilities to minimize the risk of error. If you’re just starting out, it can be hard to get the attention of bigger names in the corporate world. Instead, try to apply for smaller opportunities just to give yourself the experience that bigger companies look for.experience-is-the-key-as-admin-assistance-task-is-not-easy
  2. Further Your Knowledge – Employers see greater value in applicants that have more knowledge and skills in their repertoire as an admin assistant. While there are some things you might learn from volunteering or from employment, it’s always better to have certificates or post graduate diplomas to present in order to prove the extent of your knowledge. There are lots of schools that offer post-graduate courses for administrative studies, and there are also some short online courses that grant globally-accepted certifications. As a general rule, you should acquire all of the certificates that are available to you to strengthen your resume and increase your value in the eyes of potential employers. This way, you can expect to be hired for higher ranking positions when you move to a different company, or when you become ripe for a promotion.
  3. Build Your Network – Once you’ve secured a job as an administrative assistant, it would be wise for you to build your professional network to expand your horizons and open up new potentials for your career. Of course, if you spend most of your time in front of your desk, it can be hard to reach out to new contacts that could help you move up the admin ladder. Fortunately, there are always opportunities in the workplace that you can leverage if you’re just starting out. Simply assuming the role of the “eager assistant” and taking all of the chances available to you to communicate with superiors and company executives can be highly beneficial. When tasked to provide presentation or submit reports, be sure to act professional, personable, and informative, so that you leave a positive impression on everyone you come across.admin-assistants-must-build-network-for-their-future-careers

There is a bright and promising future for administrative assistants, but that depends on how well you can open doors for yourself. Give your career a fighting chance in the competitive admin industry by taking note of and putting these three tips into action.