chronicle runescape legendsChronicle: Runescape Legends is an upcoming online game, the newest addition to the Runescape line by Jagex Game Studios. As the title suggests, Chronicle is a separate entity from the popular online MMO. While it is based on the same lore and universe presented in Runescape 3, trailers and promotional material make it clear that Chronicle will offer a different kind of gameplay.


While it is not officially released yet, players are free to sign up and test drive the beta version. When it is released the game will likely be Free-to-Play, just like Runescape 3. However, for those who want accesses to exclusive content, Runescape prepaid cards are available too.


Chronicle: Runescape Legends core gameplay is that of a strategy based card game. As such, the player builds themselves a unique deck over the course of the game. However, there are a lot of other interesting gameplay mechanics at work here. For example, the game includes a map which the player avatar traverses over the course of a match. Cards come in a variety of different types and can be thrown down onto the playing field, either to assist your character or assault your enemy, as you both wind your way to the end of the map. Once you arrive at the final destination your avatars duke it out and the player with the lowest health loses. Along the way, however, other attribute come into play. Along with health, players have things like gold, armor, and weapon with most cards offering a trade of one for the other. This makes the order in which you place your cards down extremely important as you play each level.


In classic Runescape style, Chronicles features an engaging visual mix of two dimensional icons and 3D environments. It also features a crafting component between matches that helps the player craft valuable items to be used later.


Obviously, the game is an MMO so the player is free to challenge other players one on one. However, there is also a campaign mode, which is still in development, and a practice mode. These allow players to go against a computer to help beginners get a grip on the Chronicle’s rather complicated gameplay mechanics.


Those who want more information on how to join the beta version of the game and assist in it’s development should visit here.

The game is not completed yet, but participating in the beta test is a great way to show support and help developers troubleshoot the in-game content.