Writing a great essay is like making a beautiful piece of art. Not only does an essay need to read clearly but also have depth and substance. This article introduces simple and effective methods that will transform your writing into a piece of art.

The purpose of the IELTS writing section is to examine your ability to put forward strong arguments. You are given a full sixty minute to complete two writing tasks. The first will either be writing a letter or reporting on a graph depending on whether you are taking the General or Academic IELTS. For Task one you need to write at least 150 words and Task two demands at least 250 words, therefore you should try and split your time, 20 minutes for Task one and 40 minutes for Task two.

Simply by looking at the format of the writing section, we know they are asking for an incredible lot in one hour. Therefore good time management is extremely important to succeed in this section.

In order to write a winning essay, take the first minute to truly understand the question they are asking you to write about. Underline the key words and concepts mentioned. Once you get to grips with the question then spend the next three or four minutes brainstorming and planning. Start off by asking yourself do I agree or disagree with the statement presented? Jot down your initial thoughts on the subject. Then figure out which is your strongest point to start with. Be bold and take a strong stance. When writing your IELTS essay, it’s no time to sit on the fence.

Structure is incredibly important when writing an essay. Make sure your essay includes an introduction, two or three main paragraphs where you present arguments and examples and a conclusion. Evidence and examples are vital when arguing you’re across to the reader. It helps convey and solidify your argument. In order to link your ideas thoughts and ideas together make sure you include some connectors.

Very often students believe they need to include long and complex sentences, thinking that at a longer sentence is more academic and impressive. There are two huge problems with this assumption. The first is that it dramatically increases your chances of making careless grammatical errors and the second is you run the risk of the sentence not making any sense, and the point you are trying to make is lost on the reader.

Finally, try and leave about three minutes at the end to check your essay. It’s surprising how many marks you can save by correcting simple spelling ang grammar errors.

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