Making your own natural massage oil allows you to include skin rejuvenating ingredients that benefit both your health and your senses. Natural ingredients can be chosen for their ability to heal, for their anti-aging properties or even for their pleasing scent. You will want to begin by looking for a base oil that fits your personal tastes.


Base Oils

Coconut oil, olive oil and sweet almond oil are all options that you can choose as a base for your own massage oil. Coconut oil is a hard oil that will often melt at room temperature, or when rubbed gently between your hands. Coconut oil is a natural antibacterial that can actually work to help clear acne and other skin blemishes. Sweet almond oil is very dense and is often used to deeply moisturize dry skin. Olive oil is a simple choice that is readily available at your local grocer. Try adding a few drops of vitamin E to prolong the shelf life of your massage oil by squeezing the contents of three vitamin E capsules directly into your base.





Adding Natural Butters

Solid oils, commonly called butters may also be added to your base oil if you want a creamy massage oil that is easier to control. Try blending two parts solid oils to one part liquid oil for a massage oil that is smooth and easy to use. Butters are very rich and can be used to create solid massage oils by reducing the amount of base oil. Solid massage oils are ideal if you want to carry them with you without risking a messy spill. The usual ratio of liquid oils to butters or solid oils, such as coconut oil, shea butter or mango butter, is about three parts of the solid oil to one part liquid oil.

How To Make Your Own Warming Massage Oil/Edible Lube



Additions to Base Oils

The additions that you put into your massage oils can promote healing and create a pleasing scent. For example, vitamin E is a common addition to massage oils that can help fight the signs of aging by delivering antioxidants to the skin. Oil massages can be more pleasant if you decide to add a scent to your base oil. Essential oils are an all natural addition that can be customized to create a scent that you particularly enjoy.


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Adding Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated plant extracts that add a wonderful scent to your massage oils (source: The Link Between Aromatherapy and Massages). Try lavender for relaxing the body and stimulating the mind, peppermint to relieve muscle aches or a citrus blend of sweet orange, lemon or grapefruit to promote energy. The general guideline is to add no more than 2% essential oils to your base oil, or about twelve drops of all essential oils combined per ounce of massage oil. You should avoid some essential oils, such as cinnamon, because they may irritate skin and cause discomfort. You can go here for MORE tips on creating your own massage oil blends if you are interested in making your own blends.


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