Let’s face it: curly hair is a challenge. Never mind society’s focus on straight hair. Never mind the million-dollar straightener industry. Heck, don’t even mind the fact that the few curly hair products out there don’t do what they say they will. Every day with curly hair is going to be difficult. Or is it?

In truth, there is a very simple way to ensure you’ll have nothing but good hair days from here on out (source: Yun Nam Hair Care Review). All it takes is a a couple of tips to get your hair silky smooth in no time. And you’ll keep it that way!

1. Sebum coating.

Don’t worry; it isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Sebum is just a layer of oil that coats everyone’s hair. It’s produced by the scalp naturally and is essential to protecting the hair and its nutrients. Unfortunately for us curly-headed folk, sebum tends to congregate around the root and stay there. But when you’re sporting lengthier locks, how do you spread it around?

The technique is stunningly easy. Simply take hold of a lock of hair at the root while you’re in the shower. With thumb and forefinger, gently pull your two fingers up from the root to the end of the hairs. Do this in the shower when your hair is nice and wet. Continue this process until every lock of hair has been thoroughly coated. When you step out, take note of how shiny your hair looks – you don’t even need to use shampoo!

2. Shampoo sparingly.

This brings us to our next and perhaps most important point. While shampoo is essential for cleaning hair, its not the daily necessity some people think it is. The idea of washing one’s hair daily is a myth created by the hair care industry to sell more products.

Generally, people only need to shampoo once every few days to a week. People who smoke, sweat, or generally get dirty probably need to shampoo more often than others. For the most part, however, shampooing every day will only damage the hair, and leave less time for sebum coating.

3. Conditioner after shampooing. Conditioner after conditioner too!

There are a myriad of conditioners out there. Which one is best? Frankly, this is a topic outside the scope of this article. If you have a favorite conditioner, keep using it! Just make sure you’re only doing it after shampooing. It’s also a good idea to try a leave-in conditioner from time to time for extra volume and shine.

Following these steps takes virtually no more effort than you’ve been putting in before, and actually saves money compared to the usual routine of daily shampooing. With this minimal change to your routine, you can note marked improvements in hair quality almost overnight!