The highly urbanized, island nation of Singapore enjoys a comfortable standard of living that attracts not only tourists but many foreign workers as well. The nation’s status as a global commercial hub and its rank of third highest income per capita make Singapore’s business and economic environments appear ideal for those wishing to find challenging work there. One of the best ways to approach job search in the international market is by targeting a particular position and not simply a broad career discipline. For example, a person’s job prospects may brighten if they structure their résumé, cover letter, and search efforts on capturing a JavaScript software development job instead of vying for positions generically labeled “programmer analyst.” Here are some popular ways that foreigners from a variety of career backgrounds find employment in Singapore.


Job Placement Firms

Headhunters as they are so fondly called are some of the first people who one should contact when seeking employment in any market. Most of the time these job placement firms have forged partnerships with key employers in the area that specialize in various career genres. The people that work for these job placement firms are often incentivized to find job seekers gainful employment through commission programs. They are also beneficial in helping job candidates negotiate their compensation packages, but one must keep in mind that they are likely hired and paid by the local employers.


Career Fairs

Most people who want to permanently move to another country usually conduct in person visits as tourists first. This vacation time can double as a prime job search opportunity if the job seeker conducts proper research ahead of time. For example, Contact Singapore advertises upcoming career fair events taking place in the country that pertain to particular career disciplines like financial services and accounting.


Career Websites

As in most job markets, information technology tools play a significant role in linking job seekers with their dream jobs in Singapore. In fact, online job placement firms are credited with being prime resources to find work in Singapore for foreigners desiring to relocate there. Workers simply search the advertised jobs listed on the websites, and many times they can submit their resumes right online to employers who provide their contact information. Some generic job placement websites for those seeking employment in Singapore are RecruitPlus and Monster. Those who want to target particular career disciplines may conduct their job research in job resources like eFinancialCareers , Jobs in Social Service , Rigzone, and Top IT Jobs. One online job placement website called Career Resource Center for Expatriates specifically targets expatriate job seekers.


Local News Sources

Job seekers should not ignore some of the more traditional ways of obtaining employment that include newspaper advertisement and word of mouth. One should identify Singaporean English written publications and search for advertised positions. Additionally, Singapore’s expatriate community is diverse and plentiful. Tapping in to this resource online and via Skype is an invaluable way to enhance job search efforts.



Although employment opportunities are present for qualified foreign applicants, one must not commit the grave mistake of believing that the environment is less competitive than in other developed nations. Singapore is highly advanced in education, healthcare, and economic competitiveness; only top candidates will succeed among the locals there.


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