In a competitive job market in Kuching, finding job vacancies can be very difficult. While the number of jobs available within your chosen industry may seem to be going down, the number of job seekers continues to rise up. Since Kuching is the most populous city in the state of Sarawak, it is only ideal to know about what you can do to get a better chance of landing a job in the job market. But whether you are planning to apply for a certain position or seeking a career change, you can get a job that suits your qualifications in Kuching, only if you know how to do it right.


  1. Find industries you’re interested in

Kuching is the ideal spot for tourists looking for adventure. This is why tourism has always been on the rise for the city. If you want to enter tourism industry, you can always find job vacancies in hotels, bars, or travel agencies. Some of the most common jobs you can find in tourism include clerks, receptionists, sales and marketing, travel agents, ticketing agents, and more. It is a plus if you know the city very well since you can easily find jobs in tourism.


  1. Look for job vacancies

Another step to finding a job is to look in job postings and classified ads in local and regional newspapers in Kuching. Some local newspapers where you can find job postings in this place include the Borneo Post, Business Times, Daily Express, The Sun, and more. You can search within these newspapers and find a wide array of job postings and adverts available for you to consider.


  1. Go to job fairs

Watch out for job fairs in Kuching. Several companies hold job fairs to find qualified people who will work for them. In Kuching, there had been job fairs for different industries, such as education and training industry. This is commonly held at malls and advertised a couple of weeks before the event. Better watch out for these job fairs and be updated to find a job that suits you best.


  1. Look for employment agencies

Look for employment agencies in Kuching. The reason why you should consider an employment agency is that you can easily find a job in Kuching that really suits you best. Just submit your application form and wait for any job offers. You can even look for reliable agencies that are connected to the government and hopefully find a job within Kuching area.

Welcoming business woman giving a handshake and smiling

  1. Connect with people

Connect with people. Getting a job is much difficult if you are not connected with the rig people. If you know someone from the company you are applying for, you may ask a favor to back your application. You can also ask a couple of your friends in Kuching to know about several job vacancies in their area and eventually submit your application.

There are a lot of things you can do to find a vacancy in Kuching. Make sure to follow these pieces of advice for better chances of getting a decent job for your next career.