After reading the hot selling book titled How to Know If Your Vehicle is Bugged With GPS, finding a GPS tracking device on a vehicle may take a great deal of patience. There are two main types of GPS trackers that you may encounter on a car or vehicle. The main way to search for a GPS tracker on a vehicle is with a visual inspection. You will be looking for anything that is out of place. The shape or size of the GPS tracker will vary depending on its model. If you have a device that looks for a signal a GPS tracker gives off, make sure that your car is at least 20 feet away from traffic to ensure that no mixed signals are received.

Passive Tracker

A passive GPS tracker is one that simple records where the vehicle has gone. It is usually placed on the vehicle at one point, and then it is retrieved later so that the records on the GPS can be accessed from a computer.

One important thing to remember when encountering this type of tracker is that they do not broadcast a strong signal. This means that they are going to be placed somewhere that there will be decent reception. Good places to check would be inside the car’s wheelbarrow and underneath the car. When looking for a car tracker on the bottom of your vehicle, it shouldn’t matter too much if you’re unfamiliar with your car’s underside. A GPS shouldn’t be too difficult to spot. You will be looking for something in a box shape that will be able to be removed. If you’re unsure of a particular object, you can gently try move the object around. You may also want to check inside your car. Specifically, check underneath seats and other places that are easily accessible from inside the vehicle.



Active Tracker

An active tracker is a GPS that sends a live signal to a receiver to a source that can be watching whenever it wants. If your car has an active tracker on it, its movements may be being monitored at this very moment.

Active trackers are more difficult to find on a car because they can be placed in more locations due to them giving off a larger signal. In most cases, you won’t find active trackers in the engine area because of the temperature. It may be in the trunk, but that depends on how insulated the vehicle’s trunk is. Active trackers can still be found in the same places as a passive tracker. Unfortunately, they can also be placed directly into your car’s electrical system, which makes them extremely difficult to find.

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