Betting on different sports has been a known activity in the United States since the time of its independence. At that time, people belonging to different colonial backgrounds would actively bet on sporting events such as horse racing and cockfighting. Sports betting had been a long running practice during sporting events in England. As a colonial power in the US, it was inevitable for England to make sports betting a popular practice in this part of the world.

Soccer is the favorite and most watched sport of the world. This is the reason why bookmakers have a keen interest in the sport. With greater anticipation for a certain result, they get greater returns for the odds they bet on. While bookmakers bet on soccer or any other sport as a profession, even common people can learn how to bet like a professional bookmaker. Although it may seem impossible to do, what people need to know is that every bookmaker leaves a few loopholes in his predictions at a certain point. The art is in detecting those loopholes and using them as a tactic in winning against the bookmakers.

There are two most recommended methods of not allowing the bookmakers to get ahead in their predictions. The first method requires people to draw up an analysis of the non-quantifiable factors affecting a particular soccer game. These factors could be the type of match being played and how significant it is to either team. This analysis cannot be drawn up through statistical data. Moreover, other factors such as the time at which the match is being played at, players’ physical fitness and the overall conditions surrounding the soccer stadium like the weather, number of spectators and team management’s body language. Another important factor to consider is the teams’ consistency in their performances, which acts as a determinant towards their predictability.

Analyzing these facts would not only complicate the prediction but also consume a lot of time. This is why experts suggest using sophisticated prediction techniques of utilizing statistical data. With this technique, people can improve on the method being already used by professional bookmakers, since the original method has a number of loopholes to be capitalized upon. The bookmakers’ technique has a definite drawback owing to the fact that their predictions rely heavily on the typical performance ratings. If there is any deviation from a particular team’s consistent performance, it leaves the bookmakers’ predictions hanging in doubt.

Moreover, the bookmakers’ technique does not allow them to draw a distinct line between the defensive and offensive capabilities of the soccer teams. It disregards the different game plans teams use when playing on or away from their home turf. Awareness of these important facts can give any person a definite edge on the bookmakers.