Singapore is a very successful small metropolitan city state what is world renown. Despite its relatively small size for a country, it has big economic muscles to flex and show its financial might. Being an entreport, the government of Singapore has encouraged trading and other economic services in this bustling lively nation. The authorities have encouraged its citizens and foreigners alike to do company registration, company formation or company incorporation to start businesses anytime in this bustling metropolis.

All the infrastructure are well laid out with good transportation like the MRT and public buses and taxis for people wanting do to business in this city state. All it takes is some capital to inject into the new business and set up the computers, and such to begin immediately and eventually to prosper from the business.

Anyone can also register Central Provident Fund or CPF accounts for their employees so that they can contribute monthly for their retirement. With such good infrastructure, it is easy to travel from one place to another and to visit customers at their offices. As Singapore is small, it is easy to control the security and safety of the people. There are also many international and as well as local banks like DBS, UOB, OUB, OCBC and such. These banks are amongst the biggest in South East Asia and well incorporated in Singapore.

Major multinationals and mammoth companies have set up their headquarters and base in Singapore for the Asean nation as it has good connectivity by sea, road and plane to its neighboring countries. As an aside, you might like to know that Singapore has the highest concentration of millionaires in the world and is one of the top 10 richest country.

Doing a company registration is easy peasy without all the red tape involved unlike its other Asean countries. There is also no quota for race and everything is based on merit. Anyone can prosper as long as they are hardworking, diligent and motivated. All it requires is to take concrete action that will set in motion a series of events that are life-transforming – in terms of finances and quality of life.

Singapore is your one-stop destination for all businesses to congregate. The name of ‘Singapore’ means Lion City and this city certainly roars in doing international business and it is very well connected to major players in the United States, Europe, China and other world financial centres. Setting up a company formation in Singapore need not be a hassle as the government put in place business-friendly policies to encourage anyone with some capital to start a business in this city state.

It has attracted large corporations from the US to set up headquarters for Asia in Singapore such as digital multimedia creation and movie animation with complex computer graphic moves in 3D. Pixar, a well known digital animation company has set up its base here some time back as Singapore has lots of talent locally and from overseas who come here to work.

The government also gives out various scholarships to attract talent and brains to come here to study and work. That is how Singapore got to the forefront of business – by attracting people with brains and good working attitude to come here and make a living and to make good of their fullest capabilities.