Many women who have small breasts are embarrassed by them. They feel it makes them less attractive and their self-esteem is ruined. On the other hand, having an ample amount of cleavage can give a woman confidence and make her feel more womanly.

Breast implants have been around for roughly 50 years. They are now without question the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the world. As successful as breast implants have become, they do have so major drawbacks associated with them. First of all, getting breast implants will cause scarring. This is something that is unavoidable. Also, it is a major surgical procedure. As with all surgeries involving general anesthesia, there is still the risk of major complications.

However, there is a safer alternative. More women are now choosing breast fillers instead. These fillers are capable of creating breasts that look very natural with minimal downtime and no scar whatsoever.


Breast filler



What is in the filler?

These fillers are similar to the compounds used for face fillers. They get injected into the breast from an area that is easily hidden. No operation is necessary for a woman to gain a one cup size increase in her breast. Another big advantage is that there is virtually no downtime. The woman can return to work the following day.

Some of the fillers are made from hyaluronic acid. This is a compound that can be found under the skin of the human body. Once it has been injected, the body slowly digests it and breaks it down into materials that are bio-compatible. It is then removed from your body.


How long does it last?

Fillers made from hyaluronic acid can last as long as 18 to 24 months, depending on the brand. It is common for women to have an additional injection on a yearly basis.


Who are ideal candidates for these fillers?

Women who have breasts that are naturally small tend to have the best results when using fillers. The breast is pushed forward after the filler is injected, making the woman appear to be better endowed. The filler compounds have seen mixed results when used on women with larger breasts. The results vary based on the brand of filler and the woman’s body chemistry. You can obtain precise info from Privé Breast Enhancement expert Dr. Karen.


Qiu Qiu gets breast fillers and her very first bikini!




After pregnancy

Breasts may experience some sagging while breast feeding and after pregnancy in general. This is caused by supportive tissues of the breast being lost. When the volume of the breast is restored, the fillers have the ability to lift the breasts. This gives the breasts the fuller appearance that they had before the pregnancy. It is common for women to want their breasts to be increased to the size that they were when they were breastfeeding.


One size increase

The filler is best used by women who are relatively close to their desired breast size. This is because it can only increase a woman’s breast size by one cup. If a woman has a significant amount of breast tissue, they will not be able to feel the filler under the breast tissue that they have. Therefore, they will experience a very natural feeling.


Who is not suitable for fillers?

Women who have pendulous breasts that are saggy would not be good candidates for breast fillers. Likewise, fillers would not work well on women who do not have much breast tissue. If the breast does not have an adequate amount of tissue, the filler will not be able to be covered by the tissue. This will result in the breasts feeling unnatural and too firm. Sagginess of certain breasts can not be eliminated by fillers. In both of these cases, an actual breast implant would be the preferable solution. However, consult with your doctor to be certain if fillers will help you or not.