There are numerous ways to build a Facebook online store and promote it so that interested customers will flock to it. If you have recently included an f-commerce store on your Facebook page, one of the best ways is obviously to do your promotion on Facebook. It’s only logical, as your online store is already located on the popular social networking site and there is a high chance that your target audience is already using Facebook.

If you want people more people to pay more attention to your store, you should make regular updates to your page. This includes making posts when you get new products for sale or when you’re running a special promotion. However, not all of your posts should be direct promotions of your store or your items, as some people on Facebook may consider them to be “spammy” and stop paying attention to them. Make a few posts that explain how your products work or give some information and news about your industry. Keep your fans interested by asking them open-ended questions. You can even make some jokes and riddles if they would be appropriate in your line of business.



The more people “like” your page on Facebook, the more attention your f-commerce store will receive. Obviously, the end result would be an increase in sales for you. To get more likes, post content on your page that users will want to share with their friends and that could go viral. More people will see it and more will like your page.

If you want to get an increased number of Facebook likes, remember that one of the main reasons that people will like a business Facebook page is that they hope you will give them a good deal or something special. By highlighting your deals, special offers and promotions you will get an higher number of people who will become your fans. In some cases, it’s not really the price that will matter most to your visitors, but the product itself. If you sell something that is highly creative, useful or so original that it can’t be found anywhere else, you can highlight this on your page as well.

Finally, if you use an online store powered by a service like, keep in mind that you can also promote it by email. You can use your Facebook page to build an email subscriber database. This gives you an additional way to get in touch with your audience and promote your store to them. You can combine your social media marketing with other channels such as email marketing and even advertising your Facebook store inside your physical location if you have one.

Instapps Shows You The Best Way To Sell On Facebook

Instapps Shows You The Best Way To Sell On Facebook


Info source: Facebook Commerce How You Can Get Started