So you’re off to boarding school. Whether it’s your first time or you’re a seasoned veteran, there’s one thing you always need to do: Pack. This can be a tedious chore and sometimes stressful if you don’t know what you should or shouldn’t take. Here are some tips on what to pack for your boarding school experience.

First, if you can, contact your boarding school to find out what is and isn’t appropriate to bring or if you have a school handbook already, you may be able to get an idea from the rules what’s allowed.

Next, you have clothes to pack. Boarding schools usually have uniforms or a dress code so you don’t need many of your regular clothes from home. However, you will still need undergarments and sleepwear. Remember to pack extra for those days that you can’t afford to do laundry. And speaking of laundry, don’t forget detergent and a laundry bag.

If your school will be in a colder area, pack accordingly. Sweaters can be your best friend. Also, pack at least one winter coat. A warm blanket or comforter for your bed may be in your best interest to snuggle under for those really cold nights. Hats and gloves can also be essential.

Most boarding schools have some type of athletic requirement so be sure to pack some sportswear. Load up on this because some can be used for loungewear also.

It’s a good idea to bring dress clothes also for formal events or semi-formal dances. And to hang these nice clothes up, be sure to bring plenty of hangars.

For the most part, that covers clothes. You’ll need to bring stuff for your room. Since dorm rooms can be small, brings some bins to put your items in. That includes small food containers. You can also bring pictures and other decorative material to make your dorm room feel more cozy.

Headphones can also be important, whether you’re just listening to something or you want to cancel out some noise. Feel free to bring some DVD’s, books, and magazine for your entertainment. You may also be able to bring a laptop and your iPOD.

At some schools, you’re not allowed to have your cell phone at night so bring an alarm clock to wake you up.

Please bring toiletries and cleaning supplies. Your roommate will thank you for your good hygiene.

Last, but not least, bring money! Have cash and a card handy. See recommended boarding school in Malaysia.