The name of a company tells the whole story about its services or products. There are many corrugated box manufacturers in the world, but not all of them are successful. Among many others a good corrugated box manufacturer would be a company that has a customer oriented approach and provide customer satisfaction on reasonable prices. It would target active and huge markets. It would have strong leadership abilities and would keep on improving its structure and services. CLPG is a successful company that has targeted active markets like electronics and electrical industries, automotive industries, military sectors, wire rope industries, coated steel industries, advertising industries, stationary industries, post office and courier services successfully and working rapidly and efficiently to penetrate into new markets. It provides products that are fiber free, waterproof, returnable, reusable, printable and custom-made. The ISO certification and awards given to them like Golden Bull Award 2007, Enterprise 50 (2007/2009), SME Rising Star Award 2009, etc. Are the evidence of its sparkling present and bright future. Learn how to Configuring Your Corrugated Boxes from Manufacturers