Zumba started gaining popularity among dance and fitness enthusiasts in Malaysia about a decade ago, and is still one of the most popular dances in the country that help you lose weight and keep fit, with moves that include mambo, merengue, salsa, and samba. Wondering where to start burning calories through this popular dance exercise? Check out the top six places where you can join Zumba classes under RM200 in Malaysia:

  1. Jatomi Fitness Jatomi Fitness is a fitness chain originally from Europe.
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Biking is one of those timeless activities that is enjoyed by the majority of people on this planet, although there are a ton of different styles of bicycling. Road bikes have gotten extremely popular over the last handful of years, with more and more people wanting to get in on the action. When it comes to purchasing a road bike, things have changed dramatically over the last ten years or so.… Read More