According to an authority blog, CIMB Research has rated Malaysia’s property and real estate sector as ‘overweight’, despite the gloomy forecast by industry players after a local magazine wrote about an impending possibility that a new method of calculating housing loans would be implemented soon.

According to Malaysia property site, HomeGuru, most of the properties in the Klang Valley has risen more than 50% in the last 12 months.… Read More

Whether you are decorating your property for your own personal reasons, or your house is a house for sale and you are decorating it to sell, avoid common decorating errors. Nothing makes a house more uncomfortable then bad decorations. Maybe your house has been sitting on the market for months now and you just can’t figure out why it is not selling.… Read More

When you have a house for rent or an apartment for rent, it is important that it looks its best when a potential renter is looking at it. There are easy home decorating tips that can be used to make sure the property looks appealing as soon as someone walks in the front door. It takes a little cleaning, organizing, and rearranging what is already in the home followed by a few finishing touches to accomplish that goal.… Read More

PropertyGuru has certainly outdone itself; this is evident in the record results which they recently announced. As Asia’s top property and real estate portal group, they manage to garner 4 million visitors viewing over 50 million pages through their various websites which roughly translates to a growth of 85% in traffic. In terms of revenue the group stated it grew 70% compared to the previous year while paying members grew to almost 30%.… Read More