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Maintaining the Quality and Look of the Limousine

As everyone is well aware, the life style associated along with limousine’s is one of high luxury, class, and taste. Although this is true, many times the maintenance portion of taking care of a limo or airport transfer vehicles is overlooked by the public. After reading this article a reader will feel as though they truly understand what it’s like to not only own or use a limo but also what goes in to providing that high end essence associated with them.

The first thing anyone will notice about limousine services or a maxicab is the high quality taste that comes along with riding in one. The leather seats, the television sets, tinted windows, and free drinks are all part of what goes in to making the experience unique...

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Reasons to Hire a Limo Service for Your Occasion

Making the right first impression is key. As the saying goes, “you only have one chance to make a first impression, so you better do it right.” And one of the best ways to make sure to make the right impression when planning an event, is to make sure to have the right kind of transportation. A limousine is a classic form of transportation used by wealthy businessmen, celebrities, and on special occasions. No matter what the occasion, a limousine service will make sure that the guests are treated with the respect and special treatment they deserve.
Limousine Singapore
Limousines are a form of luxury transportation that will add class and sophistication to any event. This beautiful modern marvel is built to be the best money can buy...

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Lower Crime Rate Cleans Up Singapore’s Image

Various news sources in Singapore reported today that crime within the island nation for the first quarter of 2011 have fallen by 4.7 per cent, compared to the same period in 2010. A marked decrease was seen in four out of the six crime categories with the most significant rise being recorded for Housebreaking and Related Crimes (reduced by 117 cases), Violent Property Crime (reduced by 78 cases), Theft and Related Crimes (reduced by 727 cases) and also Crimes Against Persons (reduced by 124 cases). A drop in numbers were also recorded by police in a few other related cases of illegal money lending, aggravation or harassment, crimes against senior citizens, shoplifting or robbery, as well as statutory rape.

However, despite the positive numbers, many people are still doubtful over their ...

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