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Book Review: Mythic Waters: Shoki’s Bag

“Planet Victoria is divided into two realms – the human realm and the spirit realm.” The picturesque setting for Volume One of Mythic Waters: Shoki’s Bag offers a welcoming, if not familiar landscape. The two realms have a symbiotic relationship, but there is a great divide between them. Humans cannot cross unaided into the spirit world, and spirit creatures are in grave danger if they venture into the human realm.

“Halfway between nowhere and never been,” we meet Shoki, a circus strongman with a carpetbag full of problems. He soon runs into Nix, a water spirit who has just been robbed of her powers. The action gets underway as Shoki and Nix team up and hit the road...

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It’s Going To Be Okay: Divorce Tips to Get You Through

Even though it is sometimes best for couples to end their marriage, going through a divorce can still be incredibly difficult. Most people expect their marriage to last forever. That is why many people are devastated when their marriage comes to an end. Fortunately, there are several ways that you can make it easier on yourself. Below are some divorce tips:

Support System

Any difficult ordeal is easier when you surround yourself with friends and family who truly care about you. That is why it is important to have a support system. Your family members and friends can be your shoulder to cry on, and they can also give you the encouragement that you need to get through this difficult time.

How To Throw A Divorce Party Infographic

Take Care Your Physical And Mental Health

It is easy to neglect your health when you are going ...

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6 Good Books to Read Before You Die

Reading selections are a matter of personal taste. It’s almost arrogant to provide a bucket list of tomes to consider before biting the bullet. But, like buying a great cup of coffee, we need to share the best selling list with others because it doesn’t seem fair not to.

These recommendations are six books you need to read before Death comes creeping around your back door. Hurry!

The Great Gatsby — F. Scott Fitzgerald

With the subplot of obsession for Daisy, Fitzgerald unveils his greatest work in a beautiful, simple and extraordinarily textured tale of the Jazz Age in all its excess and decadence. Gatsby is the story of having too much, wanting even more and going too far...

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