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LEARN FROM THE MASTER – What Robert Kiyosaki Can Teach You About Saving Money

richdad-facebook-ogHave you read about the master financial plan? In case you have not, the said plan was penned by Robert Kiyosaki, the well-renowned author of the best-selling book, “Rich Dad Poor Dad.” Mr. Kiyosaki was credited to have changed the mindset of millions around the world about personal finance. Financial and wealth managers who give sound financial advice in Malaysia must have taken some pointers from this man.

The theory of Robert Kiyosaki is not about amassing wealth and being rich. He set the worldwide trend of simply putting an order in your personal finances, which is the key to obtaining wealth. Wealth is relative, and therefore you shouldn’t compare yours with others’. Creating your private financial plan is the real objective...

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How to Effectively Manage Your Credit Cards and Maintain Good Credit

A credit card can provide you with valuable purchasing power. It can even rescue you from an emergency. Credit cards could also create amazing amounts of debt. You need to understand how to use your cards correctly. Several tip will help you to effectively manage your credit cards and maintain a good credit score.

Always Check For Better Offers

You should never be satisfied with the credit cards that you currently have. This is because new credit card offers are appearing all the time. You could easily find a card with a better rate or a better rewards program during the year.


You want to visit a credit card comparison site at least once or twice a year to compare offers. You might be able to switch to a better card or bank that will save you money each month.

Do Not Use Credit C...

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Why Maybank Fixed Deposit Rates Are The Best

If you want to find a bank offering excellent deposit rates, you will want to research your options and find one offering excellent customer survive, among other things. While true, don’t forget to look for a bank that makes you feel comfortable. With this in mind, consider Maybank as they offer pretty decent deposit rates.

A name you can trust: First and foremost, Maybank is the largest bank in Malaysia. With offices in Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia, you can always enjoy easy access to your cash. Not only that, with a typical savings or checking account, you can access your money from automated teller machines all around the world. If you want to trust your bank and use an established one, consider Maybank...

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