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Tips and Preparation for a Successful SAT Test

The Scholastic Aptitude Test, or SAT, is perhaps the most well-known college preparation test among today’s high school students. Preparing for and taking the test can result in sharply increased stress, but doesn’t have to if you know as much as possible well in advance. Here we have gathered a few tips to help you do your best on the SAT and feel confident about the results.

A Quick SAT Overview

The SAT has undergone significant changes in the past decade. Rather than a verbal and mathematics section, it is now divided into reading, math, and writing sections. The reading section involves comprehension of assigned passages as well as sentence completion, which is used to test vocabulary...

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Why Maybank Fixed Deposit Rates Are The Best

If you want to find a bank offering excellent deposit rates, you will want to research your options and find one offering excellent customer survive, among other things. While true, don’t forget to look for a bank that makes you feel comfortable. With this in mind, consider Maybank as they offer pretty decent deposit rates.

A name you can trust: First and foremost, Maybank is the largest bank in Malaysia. With offices in Singapore, the Philippines and Indonesia, you can always enjoy easy access to your cash. Not only that, with a typical savings or checking account, you can access your money from automated teller machines all around the world. If you want to trust your bank and use an established one, consider Maybank...

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How to Obtain a Work Visa for Singapore

If you are interested in moving to Singapore and working there, you are going to have to obtain a work permit first. The most important thing that you must remember is that you must secure a job first before applying for a work permit. You cannot simply go to Singapore, get a work visa and then look for a job. You need to have a job lined up in order to apply for a working permit, simply because the type of work permit you can apply for depends on the type of job you are going to have and the salary that you are going to be earning.

So if you are interested in working in Singapore, here are some basic things that you need to understand before applying for a work visa.

Basic requirements

The reason that you need to look for jobs in Singapore and find one before you actually apply for a ...

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Which law college has the most twinning options in Malaysia?

law iconThe Twinning (Joint Programmes) offered by Malaysia colleges and universities are the best way to prepare graduates for international careers. Multinational corporations, organizations and law firms appreciate the benefits of a lawyer with expertise in both the Malaysia and Anglo-American (United States, United Kingdom and Australia) legal systems. Which law college has the most twinning options in Malaysia?

International Law Degrees are More Valuable

Malaysia law colleges have partnered with United Kingdom, United States and Australia colleges and universities to offer a more broad-based experience and variety of degrees. The Anglo-American legal system has become the established standard for many international organizations and multinational corporations...

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How to Get Work in Singapore for Foreigners

The highly urbanized, island nation of Singapore enjoys a comfortable standard of living that attracts not only tourists but many foreign workers as well. The nation’s status as a global commercial hub and its rank of third highest income per capita make Singapore’s business and economic environments appear ideal for those wishing to find challenging work there. One of the best ways to approach job search in the international market is by targeting a particular position and not simply a broad career discipline. For example, a person’s job prospects may brighten if they structure their résumé, cover letter, and search efforts on capturing a JavaScript software development job instead of vying for positions generically labeled “programmer analyst...

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