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Real Ingenious Students Taking Full Advantage of Test-prep Course

If you’re going to take a test preparation course to prepare for your SAT, GMAT, IELTS, TOEFL, or other exam  – TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF IT.

This seems pretty obvious, but you’d be surprised how many students skip a class or two, show up tardy, or don’t do all of their homework. As a test-prep instructor, my job is obviously to help students score higher – but there’s only so much I can do.

Sure, I use high quality materials appropriate at appropriate yet increasing difficulty levels. I brainstorm the most effective ways to explain concepts or rules, and I sit down with individual students if they have specific questions or want to go over targeted areas of the tests...

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How to Write a Winning IELTS Essay

Writing a great essay is like making a beautiful piece of art. Not only does an essay need to read clearly but also have depth and substance. This article introduces simple and effective methods that will transform your writing into a piece of art.

The purpose of the IELTS writing section is to examine your ability to put forward strong arguments. You are given a full sixty minute to complete two writing tasks. The first will either be writing a letter or reporting on a graph depending on whether you are taking the General or Academic IELTS. For Task one you need to write at least 150 words and Task two demands at least 250 words, therefore you should try and split your time, 20 minutes for Task one and 40 minutes for Task two.

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