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Valentine’s Gifts for Long-Distance Lovers


The most romantic day of the year doesn’t have to be any less sweet because you and your valentine are apart. There are plenty of ways for long-distance lovers to spark a little something extra on February 14th, whether it’s a virtual dinner date via Skype or the gift of music through a custom made playlist. These three ideas are perfect for the couple who live away from each other but are never truly apart, and want to remind one another just how close they truly are without being able to be face-to-face.


  1. Skype Credit and Dinner Date

Or maybe it’s breakfast or lunch for one of you. Either way, the gift of new Skype credit can be just the beginning...

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Your Ultimate Guide To The Medieval Fantasy World Of Runescape 3

maxresdefault (2)Developed by Jagex Games Studio, which also brought you FunOrb and 8Realms, Runescape 3 is a fantasy MMORPG filled with heavy side quests, rich graphics, immersive maps and terrains, and enjoyable gameplay. If you’re a beginning player, it’s best to go through this guide to gain basic understanding of how the game works. This will make the experience more fun and meaningful for you and the online community you will be playing with.
The Setup

Runescape takes place in the mystical world of Gielinor during medieval times. The realm is separated into kingdoms and cities, which players can traverse later on by means of running, casting spells, or boarding charter vessels. Each kingdom and city offers a different mix of NPCs, side quests, equipment, resources, and monsters.
Starting the Game

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