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Personal Insurance Malaysia: Stay Protected Today


Personal insurance cannot be separated from personal finance. It is an essential component of any comprehensive financial plan. It provides you and your family the financial security in the event of a serious injury or illness, an incapacity that will affect your ability to earn, total and permanent disability, or death. This is the kind of protection that will give you peace of mind while tending to your regular duties as family provider.1

Types of Personal Insurance

There are different types of personal insurance in Malaysia. Here, we categorize them into two: Life and Non-life. Both offer the needed protection for your person and your valuable assets.

Life insurance

This type of insurance is payable in case of death...

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3 Incredible Ways Technology Is Revolutionizing Food Production And Consumption

One of the main reasons the food industry continues to grow in leaps and bounds is the fact that it has become easier and more efficient to produce, store, and process food. Problems associated with food like decaying, molding, and pest infiltration can be easily controlled with the tools, machines, and equipment that came about because of advancements in technology. Suffice it to say that technology is now embedded into the food industry.

Here are some of the incredible ways in which technology is revolutionizing the way we produce and consume food:

  1. With state of the art storage facilities, even out-of-season fruits and vegetables are available all year round...
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Developing a Competitive Advantage to Win at Managing the New Age Workforce – A Guide for HR Specialists

With the changing times, employers and human resource managers are struggling to find ways to manage the new age workforce. Satiated by millennials, professional behaviors have shifted and employee satisfaction and performance now rest on completely different factors. For many HR personnel, figuring out the right strategies for employee engagement can be a monumental roadblock, but it doesn’t really have to be that way. Find out how you can win at managing your new age workforce by following these 3 concise tips.

  1. Create Value – When employees see that there’s value in the duties they perform at work beyond just what they earn, they feel much more willing and motivated to keep going and doing their best. Value exists in many forms, but how can HR create value for a business to captur...
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Join the Chronicles: Runescape Legends Beta

chronicle runescape legendsChronicle: Runescape Legends is an upcoming online game, the newest addition to the Runescape line by Jagex Game Studios. As the title suggests, Chronicle is a separate entity from the popular online MMO. While it is based on the same lore and universe presented in Runescape 3, trailers and promotional material make it clear that Chronicle will offer a different kind of gameplay.

While it is not officially released yet, players are free to sign up and test drive the beta version. When it is released the game will likely be Free-to-Play, just like Runescape 3. However, for those who want accesses to exclusive content, Runescape prepaid cards are available too.

Chronicle: Runescape Legends core gameplay is that of a strategy based card game...

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5 Tips for Making Your House Look Cleaner Than it is in No Time

While every homeowner wants their property to look completely spotless, this is not always feasible. Sometimes we just don’t have the time and energy to give our homes a good cleaning. That’s why when you’re having an unexpected visitor stop over and you need to make your home look cleaner than it really is, there are steps you can take.

1. Spend At Least 5 Minutes on Your Home Every Day

The best thing you can do for yourself is to clean you home for a few minutes every single day. That way when last minute company comes over you won’t have to be running for the scooba robot vacuum and other high tech gadgets to get your home cleaned. Instead, you’ll just have a little tidying up to do...

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