The big fear of exercising with joint pain is making the condition that is causing the pain worse. Many would be surprised to learn that not only is exercising with painful joints almost always safe, it is also often associated with better overall outcomes when it comes to many of the conditions that cause joint pain.… Read More

Making your own natural massage oil allows you to include skin rejuvenating ingredients that benefit both your health and your senses. Natural ingredients can be chosen for their ability to heal, for their anti-aging properties or even for their pleasing scent. You will want to begin by looking for a base oil that fits your personal tastes.… Read More

Thai massage has been around for more than 2,500 years; this makes it one of the world’s oldest methods for healing and relaxing the mind and body. Thai massage was first introduced to Thailand by and Indian doctor named Nuad Boran; it has been performed for centuries by practitioners who believe that it is a key part of healing, health and transformation.… Read More