Your skin tends to keep a certain colour. But what happens if parts or all of your skin change in colour? There are many reasons this may happen, so a doctor should always be consulted when skin pigmentation changes to make sure it is nothing serious. If your change in pigmentation is found to benign, here are some tips to remedy the problem:


Hyperpigmentation is when the skin becomes darker than normal.… Read More

These are a few beauty secrets that work better and save money. Enjoy these tips and tricks and use them to your benefit!

Problem: You have an oily face and have to reapply powder often.

Solution: Baby powder

This may sound crazy but it really works! Baby powder is super absorbent and can last the entire day on an oily face.… Read More

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Many people forget about this thinking that organs are only internal. The skin membrane is an external organ with many important functions. Here is the 7 Step Process for Cleaning and Moisturising Skin.

What is the Purpose of Skin?

Human skin is the outer covering protecting you from sun, biological and physical dangers.… Read More

Many Western women have a great fear of getting older and do whatever it takes to avoid the natural changes that occur over time. They often resort to expensive procedures that may make them look worse off than before. In contrast, many ladies in France take a different approach to ageing, and some of their techniques may come as a surprise.… Read More

There are many options available for people who want to remove unwanted body hair. Typically, waxing is done by people who are under the impression that it produces long-lasting results that leave their skin smooth and soft.

According to, many people experience unwanted side effects after they wax:





Redness is the most common issue that people have with waxing.… Read More