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Ready to Join the Cycling Trend? Here Are Some Tips to Get Started

Whether trying to save money on transportation costs, striving to get fit by increasing physical activity or simply finding new ways to enjoy the outdoors, more and more people are turning to cycling. Numerous cities have redesigned metropolis roadways to include bike lanes. Routes for short and long distance rides are available for virtually any country on the planet. For anyone desiring to become part of the ever-growing cyclist trend, there are a few tips to make the transition easier.


Type of Bike

While bikes are basically simple mechanical devices having two wheels attached to a frame and propelled by a chain and gear configuration, there are now many types of bikes from which to choose...

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Beauty Problems You Can Solve With Things You Find at Home


These are a few beauty secrets that work better and save money. Enjoy these tips and tricks and use them to your benefit!


Problem: You have an oily face and have to reapply powder often.

Solution: Baby powder

This may sound crazy but it really works! Baby powder is super absorbent and can last the entire day on an oily face. It applies rather transparently but feel free to mix it with a loose-powder bronzer to achieve your color tone. Plus, baby powder is super inexpensive and also comes in travel-size bottles that fit great in a make-up bag.

Problem: Your face looks shiny.


Solution: Matte foundation

Using a matte foundation will give you a more even skin tone and gives you more control over the highlighted and contoured areas of your face...

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7 Step Process For Cleaning And Moisturising Skin

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. Many people forget about this thinking that organs are only internal. The skin membrane is an external organ with many important functions. Here is the 7 Step Process for Cleaning and Moisturising Skin.

What is the Purpose of Skin?

Human skin is the outer covering protecting you from sun, biological and physical dangers. It must be flexible and elastic to cover your arms, torso and legs as you move. Your facial skin must look beautiful because it is what greets the world. The protein that keeps skin elastic is called “collagen.”

In order to keep your skin young, healthy and attractive, dermatologists will recommend skin care moisturisers. These will prevent your skin from becoming rigid, dry or wrinkled...

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5 Skincare Secrets French Women Have Been Keeping From the Rest of Us

Many Western women have a great fear of getting older and do whatever it takes to avoid the natural changes that occur over time. They often resort to expensive procedures that may make them look worse off than before. In contrast, many ladies in France take a different approach to ageing, and some of their techniques may come as a surprise.

Getting an Early Start on Prevention

While it’s taking on more of a presence in the rest of the world, French women are veterans when it comes to preventing signs of ageing. Younger women want to avoid the “plastic” look as much as possible. Some women reach middle age and decide to fight it off when fillers and Botox, but the younger crowds are hoping for a more natural look as they get older...

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7 Cool Accessories for Cyclists

Riding a bicycle is a great way to exercise and transport yourself (and sometimes one other person) to wherever you need to go. One disadvantage (or advantage, depending on how you see it), though is that you can only carry so much on your person and bike at a time. However, there are numerous accessories out there that you can add to your bike to be safer and to make a better statement about who you are.

Bring Your Own Beverage

For example, the cupholder that you can attach to your bike is probably one of the handiest and safest cycle accessories invented so far...

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