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Yun Nam Hair Care – Hair Loss Review and Available Solutions

Hair loss, it can be a devastating experience for men, and women. The cause of balding in men, androgenetic alopecia, which results in the thinning of hair at one’s temples known as the ‘receding hairline’ or crown, can spread across the top of the entire scalp. Although balding is observed commonly throughout the population of men, hair loss in general is seen as a very sensitive subject for many men. Without-a-doubt, most men will experience some degree of hair loss in their lives, and discussing it can help in curbing the causes.

What causes hair loss and hair thinning?

The causes of your hair loss

The truth of the matter is that the majority of hair loss that men experience is either inherited from their parents and/or stress induced...

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How to Have Beautiful, Curly Hair: 3 Simple Tips

Let’s face it: curly hair is a challenge. Never mind society’s focus on straight hair. Never mind the million-dollar straightener industry. Heck, don’t even mind the fact that the few curly hair products out there don’t do what they say they will. Every day with curly hair is going to be difficult. Or is it?

In truth, there is a very simple way to ensure you’ll have nothing but good hair days from here on out (source: Yun Nam Hair Care Review). All it takes is a a couple of tips to get your hair silky smooth in no time. And you’ll keep it that way!

1. Sebum coating.

Don’t worry; it isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Sebum is just a layer of oil that coats everyone’s hair. It’s produced by the scalp naturally and is essential to protecting the hair and its nutrients...

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Ways to Stop Hair Loss Now

One’s hair says much about his or her overall state of health. When the body is not healthy, the brain puts hair growth on hold and redirects the energy toward healing the body. Men and women alike worry about hair loss, and for good reason. 1 in 5 women are adversely affected by hair loss, and the rates are even higher for men. There are different types of hair loss and different causes. Therefore, there are various ways to help prevent it and stop it.

There are two types of hair loss that are more common than others. The first is called telogen effiuvium. This type of hair loss takes place then the hair follicles lie dormant instead of growing, and can be attributed to medications, trauma or stress...

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