You have developed a new widget. This is not just an ordinary widget it is special. It does things that no other widget can do. You believe and know “without a doubt” this will be a winner and make you rich. You just have one slight problem. You have no money to get started. You’ve asked your relatives and friends to help you but they said “no.” No one wants to take a risk and possibly lose money.… Read More

Fruit juice franchises provide the business-savvy crowd with a great option for small business that has relatively low startup costs with the potential for high profits in a short amount of time. In addition to the business aspect, owners can also enjoy the fact that they are providing great drinks and food such as apple juice for health-conscious consumers and exercise enthusiasts (also see Healthier Consumerism: Low Fat Milk or Whole Milk?).… Read More

There are numerous ways to build a Facebook online store and promote it so that interested customers will flock to it. If you have recently included an f-commerce store on your Facebook page, one of the best ways is obviously to do your promotion on Facebook. It’s only logical, as your online store is already located on the popular social networking site and there is a high chance that your target audience is already using Facebook.… Read More

The culinary arts business has always proven to be one of the most stable industries around the globe. Many young adults consider applying their passion for food into creating catering services, usually with a specific vision in mind. However, this type of business may be difficult to sustain and will require diligence, dedication and an array of exceptional skills to succeed and bring superb profits.… Read More


Offshore and outstation company formation requires some basic information about the laws of the state where it is being off shored. In most countries offshore companies are to be registered separately. The company registration must be carried out by someone residing outside the offshore jurisdictions. The company should not trade in any way within the offshore jurisdictions.… Read More