Singapore is a multicultural city that is quickly becoming the most important international business hub of the world. You will find all types of businesses setting up in Singapore from investment firms to franchise food businesses. Singapore welcomes new business ventures with open arms and makes it relatively easy for you to begin your exciting new journey.… Read More

Singapore is considered as one of the leading countries that continue to reduce corporate tax rates while introducing several tax incentives for the purpose of attracting and keeping global incentives. Moreover, this country also utilizes a single tier corporate taxation system that has a flat rate. Basically, the effective low tax rates of the country in addition to the country’s business friendliness campaign are considered as the two main factors that contribute to the rising economic growth as well as increasing foreign investment of the country (info source: Why Singapore is A Hot Spot For International Business).… Read More

Setting up a business in Singapore is a two- step process. It is important to research the different categories of companies that are available and match the type of business that you are looking to get into. Furthermore, after you have done your research and picked a company, you will need to go through the company’s registration process.… Read More

When setting up a website and buying a domain name, many people do not take their time and buy the first available site. This may be a mistake. Domain names can be a very important part of the website. When starting the domain registration process, the first thing the buyer should look at is recognition. That is, if the site is about pants for tall people, ideally the name of the domain would contain those words.… Read More

Singapore is a very successful small metropolitan city state what is world renown. Despite its relatively small size for a country, it has big economic muscles to flex and show its financial might. Being an entreport, the government of Singapore has encouraged trading and other economic services in this bustling lively nation. The authorities have encouraged its citizens and foreigners alike to do company registration, company formation or company incorporation to start businesses anytime in this bustling metropolis.… Read More