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Setting Up Business in Singapore: A Guide

Singapore is a multicultural city that is quickly becoming the most important international business hub of the world. You will find all types of businesses setting up in Singapore from investment firms to franchise food businesses. Singapore welcomes new business ventures with open arms and makes it relatively easy for you to begin your exciting new journey.

Business in Singapore

Starting a business in Singapore may be easier than any other country. You will not be required to seek approval from the government unless you wish to open a bank or other types of financial institutions. You will not be restricted in moving your finances and funding in and out of the country. The government is highly lenient on foreign investment and all businesses are able to be 100 percent foreign owned...

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3 Types of Retail Store Security

When working at a retail store, you will notice different types of security setups. While this is good, you should understand that they will do more than prevent theft. Without a doubt, with the right setups, you can protect employees and customers alike. With this in mind, here are the three most common types of store security you will encounter.

Security guard

Now, if you are in a rough area and want to go above and beyond the norm to protect your store, you should hire a retail store security guide. With this, not only will you have a presence in the front of the store, but you will have someone there who can help people with their day. When looking for security guard services, you should remember to hire a well-trained and dedicated security guard who knows what he or she is d...

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Venture Capitalists – How to Find Them and What to Expect

You have developed a new widget. This is not just an ordinary widget it is special. It does things that no other widget can do. You believe and know “without a doubt” this will be a winner and make you rich. You just have one slight problem. You have no money to get started. You’ve asked your relatives and friends to help you but they said “no.” No one wants to take a risk and possibly lose money.

You search the Internet for someone to lend you the money to get started. You find groups of investors who call themselves “venture capitalists.” They specialize in lending money to start up businesses. After discussing your idea with several investors you settle on the one you want to work with.

At first, this seems easy. You just give them your plan and they’ll lend you the money...

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Web Hosting Services

If you’re taking the plunge and finally putting up a blog or designing a website for your small business, chances are you’ve run across different hosting providers and are having trouble selecting the best one. After all, with your website on the line, you can’t just pick any old provider. Well, here are some tips and useful advice to help you pick the right host for your new site.

✈ Consider Server Up-Time ✈

When launching a commercial website and checking out various web hosting services, it’s vital that you keep an eye on the up-time of your host server, which is basically the amount of time that the server is on and your website is up and running.

Most hosting providers offer plans with 99 percent uptime, but ideally you should choose a host that provides an up-time of...

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4 Steps to Marketing Your New Online Shop

A multitude of people has excellent ideas for online shops. However, only half those people take the time to properly set up a shop. Additionally, some of the people who do set up shops do not know how to market them properly. The following are some tips on marketing a new online shop:

✓ Decide on a Profitable Market

The first step that one must take before even attempting to start an online shop is research. The product or service the company has to offer must be desirable within the market. High demand products and services that stay popular all year long are the best types. A company that already exists and a company that is only seeking to add a web presence can make its decision based on current and previous performance.

If the performance of the business is not up to par, perhap...

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